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Proud to be a Furry

O.K. Pretty much everyfur is buzzing about the TLC show "Animal Imitators" that was on last night. I shut off my computer and went to watch it. I also taped it, eliminating the commercials. I was happy the way "furries" were portrayed. I'm also one of those name-droppers so I can proudly say to folks, "Yeah, I chatted with Stalking Cat a few times at CF, AC, and at Tess' 4th of July party. I really liked Snap E. Tiger's segment. I didn't know he had an LJ until this morning. So I added him to my friends list. I see he reciprocated *happy bear*. I'll bet he gets a lot of new fans after yesterday's "performance." We had chatted at AC during the Masquerade. I really liked him. So now, my traditional new friend *paw wave* to snapcat. Also, a paw wave to just_the_ash who added me today. I believe I said "Howdy" at AC, and that was about it. *shrug* the story of my AC experience. She is a friend to several of my other friends. Enjoy my daily dose of drivel. *hug*

Last night's schedule was all jacked up. I wanted to walk the dog right after work, but there was a thunderstorm parked over the mesa. So I chatted. I was happy to have been discovered by a fox from west Texas that found my name on Always glad to meet new furiends! I then watched the TLC show. After the show the clouds had cleared, so I went for my dog walk. It was an absolutely beautiful night! I like hiking in the dark. There is enough reflected light from the city that I can easily make my way once my eyes have adjusted. Yes, I do take precautions after my ugly incident a few weeks ago, and I was packing. I also had my cell phone which I used to call albear. We yakked for almost my entire 2-mile walk. With the lights of the city below, the stars above, and my best furiend on the phone, it made for a SUPER walk! After I got home I was hoping for maybe a chat or 2, but instead I was smothered! Wheee! I just wish I hadn't been so tired. So I went to sleep with my brain buzzing with furry thoughts.

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