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Zoo Report

Kitty and I had a nice time at the zoo yesterday. We parked on the street at the south entrance to save the $8 (!!!) parking fee. The zoo was wonderfully empty. There were only a few school groups there so it was like we had the place to ourselves. We paid visits to our usual friends the bears and big cats. Said "Hi" to the dolphins and seals. Took a stroll through Tropic World to see the primates (including one very pregnant gibbon). The wolves were being lazy. The penguins were all nesting. All-in-all it was a nice day. I snagged several nice pics.





Oh my!

Last year we had a yiffy adventure at the zoo when it seemed like half the critters decided to "do it" while we were standing there watching them. This year there was another story. We decided to hit the Children's Zoo since it was free and there was nobody there except for a few workers stringing up Xmas lights. We made our way over to the goat pen where one goat was sticking his nose through the wooden fence. I stopped and gave his nose a little rub. He liked it so I kept rubbing his muzzle. Soon he was furiously licking my hand. I continued to scritch his nose and he got more and more excited. Finally I stopped and he put his hooves on the top of the fence and gave me a "Please don't stop!" look. I continued to rub his nose and muzzle when Kitty started laughing. I looked down and saw that the goat had a huge red rocket. Soon he was even dripping. The 2 other smaller goats also began to get excited and soon they were mounting each other. The air was heavy with goat musk. I decided I should stop since I was starting something I couldn't finish. As soon as we left all 3 goats started mounting each other and humping each other wildly. One was bleating loudly as he tried to jump on the back of his pen-mates. We left the children's zoo laughing our heads off. Yes, we're pathetically furry.
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