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Bad Bunnies

Kitty and I are sitting in O'Hare waiting for our flight back to ABQ. MFF was an amazing con. The vibe was awesome the entire time right up to the time we collapsed last night. The energy in the lobby last night was as high as it was on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Even though I spent much of the con helping out in con suite, it was probably one of the best times I have had since joining the fandom 4 years ago. Yes, my annifursary was 2 days ago.

Last night was also the "big dinner" at Maggiano's. We had 27 furs total and we all had a blast. Everyone left stuffed to the gills. Oh yes! We will be doing it again next year.

It looks like Kitty and I are on staff again next year. We will be taking over con suite from Quasi. We have many changes we want to implement and hope to improve the already great suite. It will be quite the task! Unlike other cons which have had smaller growth, MFF grew by 40%! Holy crap! We'll have to figure out a way to feed 1400 con goers!

My bunny suit was also a big hit. I think I squicked quite a few furs and several mundanes. Smash also had his purple bunny suit and together we wreaked havoc in the lobby. I adopted the fursona of Bad Easter Bunny. I staggered around with a beer bottle in my paw yelling, "Happy F@%$ing Easter!" to people who looked over at me. I really squicked Kage as a stumbled toward him going, "Hey! Dr. Kagway! I love your Anthro-thingy!" I was chastized the next day for squicking a pilot who happened to be staying at the hotel, but I told the person that when I get into character, I don't stop for anybody! *lol*

Here's a pic of Smash and myself riding the carosel foxes (aka fayfox. It was a great time and I know I will definitely be back next year!

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