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Con Sweet!

OK, my furry friends, I need your help. I'll probably X-post to a few other communities as well. Kitty and I are looking for feedback on what you would like to see at a con suite. On the surface this seems like a fairly straightforward proposition. We all want good food! Hopefully those that partook in the MFF con suite found something that kept them going between meals or provided a quick meal for those with tight schedules. I suppose there might be one or two of you that used the con suite as your sole source of nourishment for the entire con. Next year Kitty and I will be running the joint. Quasi did a bang up job for the last few years and we learned a lot from him. One of the great things about MFF is that the staff does rotate. The same old thinking doesn't get carried on year after year. Quasi improved on the suite when he took over and we hope to improve on the foundation which has already been laid. New things should be tried every year. Some will succeed. Some will fail.

Here are the conditions:
1) Must be easy to prepare. We don't have a kitchen so things need to be cooked in crock pots, hot plates, toaster ovens, etc. That's not too bad if we have to cook 5-10 burritos. What about 200?!? We tried chimichangas and quesadillas, but it was taking about 2 minutes per serving. 200 chimis=400 minutes=6.5 hours!!! We then tried setting up a microwave in the con suite for folks to do their own nuking. We ended up blowing a breaker which requires a union flunky to flip the switch and charge the con an outrageous sum of money.

2) Must be able to feed many. Some ideas are great for a small group, but what about a mass of humanity.

3) Must not cost an arm and a leg. Chilled shimp platters sounds like a great idea! Yeah. Right.

4) Must stay within fire code and not piss off the hotel. A big grill sounds like a great idea for burgers and hot dogs. I don't think the guests would appreciate a hotel full of smoke, however.

So we're looking for ideas to look into for next year. We're already considering big crock pots full of soup/stew/chili. This would not be homemade stuff, just big ol' cans of Dinty Moore/Staggs/Campbells.

We're also looking into getting a big pot dedicated to just boiling water. There are many things we could do like instant soups and ramen.

Any other suggestions? What about snack foods? Pretzels? Nachos? Candy?
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