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The Long Holiday Weekend Recap

I was a good boy and didn't worry about LJ all weekend. Instead I had a great time entertaining our guests albear and dexter_fox who once again drove all the way from LA to spend Thanksgiving with Kitty and me. The details of the weekend are pretty much a blur since we spent almost 3 days with drinks in our paws. The fun began on Thursday morning. Al and Dex left LA the evening before and drove through the night. We had expected them to get in around 3 a.m., but LA traffic had delayed them until almost 6. We talked and drank all morning and then I prepared the T'giving dinner with Kitty's help. By 5:00 everything was ready and so we sat down to eat with ari_foxy and thipher_84. Much more drinking happened that night.

The next day we took a trip to the Rio Grande Zoo. It was a lovely day and everyone enjoyed the animals. I'm sure Al will post pics of the 2 chimpanzees which were rimming one another. *lol* While at the zoo we got a pleasant surprise. We met up with furitz who was in town visiting his family. We drove to the local Indian casino for their Friday night Asian seafood buffet. Good stuff! Later that evening Fritz showed up at Fur Central for a little furry goodness.

On Saturday Kitty and I took Al and Dex up to Wildlife West to give them a tour of the place where I fursuit in the Summer. I was pleased to hear that they got another raccoon and another grey fox. The fox was very tame and Al even got his hand licked by the friendly little guy. Koshari the bear was very active and greeted me when I went to the plexiglass to say "Hello." We finished the day with a quick stop at Albuquerque's Old Town. No one felt like being consumer whores although some fudge was purchased. We had a nice surprise visit from leo_tiger who was also in town visiting family.

On Sunday we said our goodbyes to Al and Dex as they headed back to LA. Later in the day feralmuse showed up to help Ari work on a fursuit for a school project. They worked on it all day stopping only for dinner at the local Chinese buffet which Kitty treated everyone to.

So all-in-all it was a great weekend. You just can't beat good friends, good food, and good booze.
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