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Here are a few interesting links I found today.

First, here is something I found thanks to freakylynx. It's a comic called "Janes World" and has a thread involving furries. The link I posted was for the beginning of the story arc. It's still ongoing and taking on a dark tone. We'll see where she takes it.

Second, I was checking the IMDB for news on the supposedly upcoming film version of the awesome DC comic "The Watchmen." It said that the director would start working on this project after he finished "300." I clicked on the trailer and went, "Whoa!" It will most likely be a bad movie since it's being released in March, but maybe it will be worth seeing.

Speaking of Greek war movies, we watched "Troy" the other day. I liked it. It was basically just a bunch of battle scenes strung together, but it was highly entertaining. I liked it better than I did "Alexander."

One movie I definitely did not like was "Ultraviolet" which we attempted to watch on Saturday. Wow! What an incredibly BAD movie! I didn't even make it halfway before I shut it off. Think "Matrix Reloaded" with even worse acting (if that's possible).

I listened to the Muse cd I had picked up at Tower Records going out of business sale while at MFF. I kinda like it. It's like Queen meets Radiohead. One of the songs I like the most is Supermassive Black Hole. There is a pretty interesting video on You Tube. If you like zentai you might want to check it out. I want the owl zentai!

Finally something for all of my raccoon friends out there. Check out today's "Brevity" comic strip
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