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Christmas Fetishes

No, we're not talking about getting off on pics of Santa in leather/rubber or fantasizing about swimming in egg nog. *lol*

Last year Kitty and I took a little day-trip to the Zuni Pueblo to buy some fetishes, carved stone animals. The Zuni are famous for their fetish carvers. Here is the LJ post from last year with pics of some of the fetishes we picked up. We have given many away as gifts to friends in the past. This year we thought we would make another trip to either Zuni or the trading posts of Gallup to pick up some more. As a token of appreciation to all of you wonderful friends in LJ land, I thought I would open up the offer to all of you. If you would like a fetish for Christmas, just send me an email at sabotlours ( at ) comcast (dot) net with your snail mail info, and I will send you one. It's as simple as that! Why? Because I love you! *wraps you all up in a big hug* You should also specify what species you want and color (if so desired). Please note that species are pretty much limited to North American animals. Bears are a dime-a-dozen. You could request a purple bear with white stripes and I could probably find one. Canines are also fairly easy to find, although the physical differences between wolves, coyotes, and foxes is pretty minor. Remember that fetishes are representatives of the animals and not sculptures. Cougars are also fairly common although they are somewhat hard to distinguish from the canines except for a larger tail. Raccoons, skunks, squirrels are harder to find but available. Badgers are pretty common as are reptiles like snakes and turtles.

So if you would like a little bit of Native American art, just let me know. You might also want to include a second or 3rd choice in case we can't find your desired species/color. If we can't find anything that matches, you might have to settle for a bear *chuckles* It's just my/our way of spreading a little furry joy for the holidays.
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