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Desert Rain

Last night I got home from work and decided to take Anubis for his walk right away. There was a grey cloud hanging above the mesa, but it didn't look very well developed. No lightnig. No thunder. Let's go! I get to about the 1/2 mile mark and I hear distant thunder. No worries. I then notice the sky in front of me get all hazy. Almost smokey. WTF?!? I hit the 1 mile mark and notice the paved road about 100 yards in front of me get all silvery. Oh shit! In an instant the sky opens up and I am drenched! It's not a driving rain, but honking big drops. Poor Anubis looks up at me with those you-really-suck eyes. I take off my shirt and enjoy the feel of warm rain on my skin. If it was dark, I woulda gone nekkid. Heh. It's been awhile since I've done that. It's a typical desert rain. All around me the sun is shining. There's one black cloud in the sky, and I'm under it. I joked to myself that I must be having sad or grumpy thoughts, just like in comics and cartoons. Fortunately the storm contains almost no lightning. I get back home and the rain stops. I dry off the dog and myself and then head for the computer for my nightly ritual, a little more alcohol soaked than usual. I was in a good mood and just lost track of how much I was drinking. Oops.

Whee! Another one of my sets on the radio this morning! "A Long December"--Counting Crows "Keep Your Hands to Yourself"--Georgia Satellites "Satellite"--Dave Matthews Answer:satellites Counting Crows?!? Yes! The cd is "Recovering the Satellites"

Oh! A new friend! A *paw wave* to tjcoyote. Nice fursuit! Did we bump into each other at AC? Welcome! *hugs* Contact me. I'm interested in getting to know ya!

I also welcome my dear friend camstone into my LJ world. He is the wonderful fox that I clung to as I entered the furry forest until I saw it was a good thing and struck off on my own path. *HUG*
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