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I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

While filling up my tank this morning I stepped in a puddle of spilled gas. I have been breathing in fumes at my desk all morning. Bleh. I'm not even getting a buzz. ;oP

My beloved open space behind the house is finally going bye-bye. When I came back from MFF I had noticed that some heavy equipment had been mobilized. On Thanksgiving I walked passed the site with albear and dexter_fox. We noticed the machines were mainly big ass trenchers. It looked like utilities would soon be going in. Yesterday I noticed the road I usually walked down was now about 3x as wide and there was a swath of desert plowed up where most likely the trench will be dug. That's it. The beginning of the end. I'll once again point to my alternate LJ abq_west_mesa where I have been uploading pics of the mesa since January. It's hard getting pics nowadays since I get home from work just before sunset. The low sun angle is also a bitch.

I will also jump on the bandwagon and wish a happy birfday to gusto_gummi who I finally had the pleasure of really meeting at this year's MFF. We had met at AC '03, but I was in fanboi mode at the time with berin in the dealer's den.
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