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"Webcam" or "Furvert, part II"

First: For my friends who are anime lovers, check out this video. It is awesome! I love that song! The original video was cool, but this is great! And I'm not a big anime fan. Thanks to cargoweasel for finding this.

I bought a new version of Norton Anti-virus yesterday. I thought my machine had been infected with the SOBIG virus since I was getting all of these emails telling me the email I sent someone had a virus attached. I found out from my IM person at work that it was someone else's system that was infected and it had pulled my email addy from their address book and used it as the sender. Phew. Anyway, it was a wakeup call on how lax I had gotten with my own security. So now I'm protected. While at the store, I saw a cheap webcam. Hmmm. I had been using my digital camera as a webcam, but it was always so dark. Eh. I bought the cam.

I got home and installed Norton, then I installed the web cam. It worked pretty good. I was chatting with a few furiends, and they wanted to see me through the new cam. So I obliged. The conversation eventually turned yiffy, as it oh-so-frequently does. Soon I was talked into doing a nude broadcast. I think you see where this is going. Anyway...I "performed" for my audience. I did get a date at FC out of it! *wink* I'm a furvert, plain and simple. If it wants you to yiff it, yiff it! If it wants to yiff you, get yiffed! It's all good! Mmmmmm. No webcam will be needed in 7 days, 12 hours. Whoot!
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