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The Tree is Up

Kitty and I set up the Christmas tree last night. It definitely cheered me up from a foul mood. Hanging dozens of "furry" ornaments made me feel good. I had been putting off setting up the tree because stringing up the lights is a royal pain in the butt. We might look at getting one of the pre-lit trees on Dec 26 when they go on sale. I've had this tree since 1993. Perhaps it's time to retire it.

What put me in a bad mood was Kitty trying to deal with the cruise line and getting permission for me to fursuit. We figured it wouldn't be a problem because, well, a whole group of fursuiters just took a cruise to the Caribbean. It sounds like things starting taking on a life of their own as everyone thought it would be a great idea and it got bumped up the corporate ladder. It ended up in their legal department where liability issues reared their ugly head. That seemed to kill any chance of "officially" suiting on board. It shouldn't stop me from "guerrilla" fursuiting, but it would have been nice to get some gigs on board. We'll see if something can get salvaged.

On another topic, I thought I would post a link to the official policy of what websites are blocked by the Department of Interior and which are allowed. If you look closely, you'll see there is a great deal of hypocrisy. Comics sites are blocked solely because we shouldn't be viewing those sites on gov't time. In the same breath we are told that we CAN use the computers on our own time like lunchtime. So news sites are o.k. Sports sites are o.k Comics sites are not o.k. *boggles* The other great hypocrisy is that sites that sell stuff are o.k. Well, as long as there are no liquor or cigarettes. Guns and knives, on the other paw, are perfectly acceptable. I just noticed that the company I used to buy brewing supplies from is blocked. Interesting. They don't sell any alcohol, just the ingredients to make it. If you're interested in the link, HERE IS THE LINK. It's a 23-page .pdf file.
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