Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
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Conversation with a Coyote

Just as I was finishing up my walkies with Anubis last night I heard a group of coyotes yipping in the distance. Soon there was another yip/howl not too far from me. I tried my luck responding, but I couldn't hit the high note. It must have invoked the "WTF?!?" response, however, because I actually got a response from the one that was close by. I ducked behind a low hill and continued my pitiful excuse for a howl. I kept getting responses and they were definitely getting closer. Anubis was up on top of the hill, his ears perked, and he was scanning the dark desert. I actually thought I could call him/her in since I was downwind. Perhaps the yote would think Anubis was doing the calling. Alas, the yipping stopped. I would say that judging from the call the yote got as close as 100' or less.

In other news I took out my first pigeon of the season. The yard was full of doves when a pigeon decided to crash the party. I took him out with a single shot. Just doing my part to rid the world of flying rats.
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