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I Had Better Type Fast!

Holy crap! Either they are now letting LJ through the filter or someone screwed up because I can now get LJ at work again! I checked a comics site and it was still blocked, so maybe the policy for weblogs has changed. This would be great! *dances* I will keep my laptop at the ready just in case.

We had a very nice weekend. I baked a homemade pizza on Saturday which came out extra yummy. On Sunday we had an impromptu furmeet with tenax, shimmerfox and skitzy_cat coming up from Socorro. Throw in furrysparkles and of course ari_foxy and you have a great lunch bunch to have a fun time at Buca de Beppo.

This is the final work week before Xmas for me. On Saturday Kitty and I will be off to LA to spend a day with albear and dexter_fox. There will be a furmeet at their place on Sat night. See Dex's LJ for details. On Sunday Kitty and I board a ship and cruise down to Cabo! Whoot! Yes, I have decided to guerrilla fursuit thanks to a comment by blazerraccoon. All they can say is "no" and send me back to my room.
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