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Last Day in ABQ

Last night Kitty and I watched "Mrs Henderson Presents." It was a great movie supposedly based on fact about a woman who brought Burlesque to England around WWII so the young soldiers could see naked women before they were sent off to war. What made the movie special for me was a scene where the woman (played by Judi Dench who was nominated for best actress for her part) sneaks into her theater to see what is going on since she is barred from the theater by the producer (played by Bob Hoskins). One of the ways she sneaks into the theater is by wearing a polar bear fursuit. It looked adorable in an old-school kind of way. Overall the movie was very good. I gave it 4 trout out of 5.

Today will be my last day in the office before Xmas. That means that "The Nutcracker Suite" will be played. It's a tradition for me that goes back almost 15 years.

Kitty and I will be flying out to SoCal tomorrow morning at oh-my-doG-it's-early a.m. I may make a post from the airport (Yay! Free wi-fi!) or from Al and Dex's before the party gets rolling full bore. I may make a post on-board ship as well on Sunday if my wi-fi connection holds. There will probably not be any posts after that while we're cruising. We love you all, but $0.75/minute is a bit much just to check LJ.

Kitty has a performance tonight so I will go see her sing with the ABQ Chorus. We pretty much packed last night, so we just have a few things to get done before we take off tomorrow.
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