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Last night I got to experience first-paw what has been coined by tarnac, shitfuckery. The definition is a rowdy furmeet where alcohol flows like water. The last time I partied with albear and dexter_fox at their den, The Domain, I passed out before the party even got really rolling. I paced myself much better this time and didn't pass out until the party was already winding down. Yes, there was more alcohol that a frat house on a Friday night. Good times were had by all. It was great seeing the SoCal furs again like stevefoxx, tarnac, voychael, hunterkitty, shadowolf, kaysho, foxymoonheart, tigrecat, zotcoon and others. Good times were had in the Domain as well as the hot tub. I hope foxymoonheart didn't mind getting molested by a drunk yiffy bear ;oP

This morning we are all paying the price to some extent. Since I pretty much stuck to vodka, I am not feeling the after-effects quite as much as poor AlBear who chugged Jaeger on top of beer or Kitty who mixed Baileys with pear cider during the evening.

We should be heading for the Long Beach docks shortly. I hope everyone has a great week. See you all on LJ next week! Happy Hanukkah!
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