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As I mentioned yesterday Kitty and I are still sorting out the whole cruising thing. It started an interesting conversation between us while we were still on board the ship. What exactly should one get out of a vacation? My first reaction was, "Relaxation!" But then what about all of those people that go mountain climbing or partake in extreme sports. I guess physical exertion can be its own form of relaxation (if you're into that kind of thing.) I suppose vacation should be simply doing something you really enjoy and it should not involve the stress of day-to-day life.

I suppose that a cruise would meet that criteria. You step on board and all of your food and shelter is met for the next few days. There is plenty of iced tea and lemonade, but if you want soda and/or alcohol, it's gonna cost ya! There is entertainment on board, but only if you like cheesy Vegas-style productions and/or gambling. You could relax around the pool, but to me that is generally a waste of time. I cannot understand the concept of going to some exotic resort to simply lie in the Sun. You can do that at any location where the Sun shines! Why spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to simply sleep?!? Perhaps most people live in tiny little apartments or in very urban areas where just laying in the Sun is a luxury.

For me travel is all about a sense of place. I go to locations that are unique. When I visit a foreign place I want to taste the local flavors. I want to buy things that are only available there (or made there and perhaps shipped elsewhere). I guess that's why I used to travel so well with my friends that were avid bird watchers. We went to many unique habitats to see the plants and animals that lived there and it was unique! You can buy a macaw at a pet store (for $$$$) but it was thrilling to see them fly overhead in the wild on a Costa Rican beach. I can go to the Rio Grande Zoo and see lions a few feet away, but it's even better to see them with no bars or moats between you and them.

So I guess I'm still up in the air about the whole cruising thing. It would be great to get together with a bunch of furs and go have fun on a cruise. Would it make better sense, however, to simply get a room at a swanky hotel on the beach somewhere and spend a long weekend together? Like Kitty and I were discussing, we really like Mazatlan. Would it be better to cruise back down there or simply fly down and spend a few days in a beachfront resort? The trip, however, can be as important as the destination. I should know this very well after taking several train trips around the country.
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