Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
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4 Day Weekend

doG bless you, Gerald Ford. As has been tradition with the federal government back to the days of Nixon's death and probably before, Tuesday has been declared a national day of mourning in memory of the late President Gerald Ford. That means that all federal offices will be closed that day. That means I get a 4-day weekend. Whoot! I also talked with the assistant office manager when we met in the bathroom and he said we will be getting at least an hour off early today. Double whoot! It has also started snowing like a mofo outside so we may even get excused earlier due to the weather. I'm sure albear will be commenting about how lazy federal employees are. *lol*

EDIT: 11:00 We get the rest of the day off because of the snow! Triple whoot!
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