Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Great ABQ Snowfall of '06

It finally stopped snowing yesterday morning. The unofficial total at Fur Central was between 10-11". I shoveled about half of the driveway with an old coal shovel before giving up. My back is thanking me this morning. Everything was pretty much shut down in town (including Walmart!) so we just hunkered down and enjoyed it. Like I responded to mr_silvers post about the storm, we have a bunch of food in the house since we were planning for a New Years furmeet, there's a bunch of alcoholic goodness as well, we have power, we have Dish (once the snow melted from the antenna), and so everything is right with the world! It's nice just lounging around in my sleeper with a cup of coffee.

The pets had different views of the snow. Skookum was fascinated by it and was actually pouncing it on Friday. She was not amused, however, when I dropped her into it yesterday and she disappeared for a few seconds. Anubis loves it. He's a lab, so water is water even if it's frozen. He loves chasing snowballs.

I tried to go for walkies on the mesa yesterday but it was futile. Anubis gave up right away. I post-holed my way to the top which gave me quite the workout. I started getting snowblind, however, after seeing nothing but white at the top. One of the funny things that happened was I disturbed a bird that was hunkered down under a bush. Poor little guy. Lots of birds were taking refuge in the protection provided by the vegetation. The bush in front of my den is heavily laden with snow, and I have already noticed some broken branches.

Of course I took pics!

Painted Pony Drive

The measurement

Snow Dog!

A view from the mesa

The snow and this morning's sunrise

Oh! And to all of my friends in Australia and New Zealand....Happy Nude Deer!
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