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I figured since I got today off because of President Ford's death, I should get up and watch the ceremonies. Most of my LJ friends are too young to remember Ford. I was 8 or 9 when he took office so I do have some remembrances of the political scene of the day. In fact I remember my dad taking me to Washington in 76 and 77. I remember walking through the House office building with my aunt and parents. There had been turnover after the 76 election and congressmen were still moving into and out of their offices. My aunt saw a box in the hallway and looked in. It was an autographed picture of Gerald Ford to the congressman. She thought about yoinking it, but her conscience wouldn't let her.

Today I decided to follow the funeral coverage with Oliver Stone's "Nixon." Anthony Hopkins does a great job portraying the former president. It was an almost Shakespearean tragedy of how he came to power and power corrupted. They say it was a Constitutional crisis when Watergate finally came to a head, but to me it was just a man who screwed up, just like Clinton getting a BJ. There was never really a crisis. The Constitution worked in terms of presidential succession and the country went on. It was a terrible time. It was a divisive time. It was not unlike what this country is going through today. It will be very interesting to see what the Legislative Branch will do in the coming months. Perhaps 20 years from now I will be writing about a movie biography of George Bush and all of the things that went on in the background between 9/11 and today. Another Shakespearean tragedy?
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