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Another yote story

2 posts in a day? Yeah. Sorry about that. I wanted to write down a story that happened yesterday.

Anubis and I were just about finished with our walkies. I noticed that Anubis' ears perked up, his tail raised, and his pace quickened. I looked around for what he saw, but in the dimming twilight, I didn't see anything. It should have been pretty obvious since it's nothing but a blanket of white up on the mesa. Finally I saw a coyote walking in the road that intersected the one we were walking down. He had seen us and was watching us. I stopped about 100' away and let Anubis keep walking. Soon he was almost nose to nose with the yote. They sniffed one another but while Anubis' tail was held high, wagging furiously, the yote was crouched down with his tail firmly between his back legs. I approached to about 50' and stopped when the yote started to move off. I dropped to all fours and started yipping at him. Yeah. I am totally furry ;oP The yote stopped and turned around. I was hoping to get a yip out of him, but he just stood there with a WTF?!? look. Anubis just stood there sniffing and wagging. I did my best yote impersonation which was probably as good as a yote doing a human impersonation. I was also probably an octave too low. I just can't hit that high pitched yowl. My knees started getting cold in the snow so I stood up and walked toward the 2 canines. The yote trotted off and Anubis just stood there waiting for me. In a couple of minutes we were both back in the nice toasty house while the yote was probably looking down at the us from the mesa top.
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