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Cat story

Here is a new equation: Skookum + Dog show on 55" HDTV = *POOF!*

Skooks was sitting on my lap this morning. We turned on the Purina Dog Challenge since there was nothing better on, and the dogs that were shown were uber-cute labs. The event was a dog diving contest. The owner would get the dog all excited with a toy and then throw the toy into a pool. The dog that leaped the furthest, won. One of the camera angles was right down the runway into the face of the dog. I noticed that Skooks was watching the screen. They zoomed right in on the face of the dog who was staring intently right at the camera. I could feel Skooks tense up. The dog then exploded toward the camera as it ran down the runway. Skooks went flying off my lap and ran away. I noticed her tail was all poofed out. Kitty and I just rolled with laughter. Poor Skooks.

Oh, I should also mention a funny dog story from last night. I made a chicken dish that required about 5 thighs. I like to skin the chicken to cut down on the fat. I ended up with this nice little pile of chicken skin. Anubis doesn't like raw chicken very much, so I thought I would take it up the mesa and leave it for the coyotes. As I hopped the fence I heard a woman calling for her dog. The neighbors across the street have 2 champion golden retrievers. The male found a scent and was off on the mesa somewhere. The female saw me and ran over for some pets. As I scritched her I heard something running up behind me. In a blink of the eye, the male pounced me and knocked the plate of chicken skin out of my hand. Within seconds it was devoured by the 2 dogs. The woman thanked me for luring her dog off of the mesa with the aroma of tasty chicken. *lol*
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