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Furry Mexican Art

I made mention in my cruise report that I like to collect 2 types of crafts found in Mexico. One are ironwood carvings. I first started collecting these when I was living in Yuma. I would take trips across the border to the little village of Algodones where there were a few carvers that had large collections of wooden animals. Of course, I bought many bears. On my recent cruise, we took an excursion into the Sierra Madres near Mazatlan. There is an area there famous for its wood workers. I added yet another bear to my collection.

The other type of craft I like to collect are Oaxacan painted figures. These are hand-painted sculptures usually done in bright garish colors. Many of the creatures are very fanciful. There is a collectors market for them so the pieces can be quite pricey. I always kick myself, however, for never buying enough. There were a couple that I saw in Puerto Villarta and Mazatlan that I should have bought, but I let the price dissuade me. They can also be quite delicate, and so transporting them also becomes an issue. As I mentioned in the cruise post there was a wonderfully furry one with the head of a man, the body of a jaguar, the tail of a lizard, and horns and wings. When I lived in Yuma there was only one little store that carried them for a brief period. I should have bought the 3-piece sculpture of a sinner sucking on Satan's cock while he was being butt-raped by another demon. It might not be something you want sitting on your living room table, but it was such a unique and interesting piece!

Here is a pic of the Oaxacan pieces I picked up on the cruise, an otter and a coyote.

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