Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

I Left My Bear....In San Francisco.

Whoot! Another successful guerrilla fursuiting! This will be my 4th FC but the first time I have made it into San Francisco. It has been 27 years since I had spent any serious tourist time in the city. I needed to add my fursuit to the collection of those that had suited at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Kitty and I made our way downtown around noon. We made a stop in Oakland to visit Bunnywarez Studio. It was wonderful visiting djmermaid and jovino. It was also nice to get a kitty fix since they had just got 2 new little kitties. We then made our way to the Golden Gate. I suited up in back of the Furmobile and made my way to the viewpoint. I was a bit surprised in that I was soon mobbed by tourists who wanted pictures with the bear. I posed for many pics and then headed out onto the bridge. It was my goal to walk out to the first bridge pier. On the way we were stopped several times for folks wanting pics. Traffic on the 101 was honking at me as I walked across the bridge. We made it to the first tower and turned around. It was quite a walk in suit. Fortunately there was nice breeze keeping me cool. We made it back to the car and I only partially de-suited. I wanted to get a pic somewhere downtown with a cable car.

We drove down to Fisherman's Wharf near the cable car turnaround. We found a parking place on the street and I re-suited. I walked down to the cable car turntable and asked if I could get a pic. The cable car operator was more than happy to oblige! There was even a photographer there from the San Francisco Chronicle who wanted to get a pic as well! Kitty snapped some pics and soon we were heading back for the Furmobile. Just as we were about to get back to the vehicle we were pounced by a restaurant owner who wanted a pic of the bear in front of his restaurant. Of course I posed and was rewarded with a bottle of water. I de-suited and we were on our way to have dinner with djmermaid and jovino at The Stinking Rose Restaurant. Everything there has tons of garlic in it. Their motto is "All of our garlic is seasoned with food." After dinner we headed up to The Haight for some late night record shopping at Ameoba Records. We took them back to Oakland and then continued back down to Mt. View. We both collapsed immediately upon returning home. Oh yes! Of course there were pics!

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