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Music for the Morning After

Ah. The title of a great cd by Pete Yorn.

I'm recovering from last night's drinking binge after talking with my mom. I woke up at 3 a.m. ("I must be lonely"--Matchbox 20). I was naked on the bed with all of the lights on. Did I really have that converstaion with her? Did I really tell her, a very devout Catholic, that I thought the Pope was an asshole? Did I answer the phone sounding like the Joker when albear called a few minutes later after I hung up with her? Did dexter_fox then call to make sure I was o.k.? Did I post something about it on my LJ? Did I really drink 2 beers and a big glass of Rock-n-rye on top of 2 martinis? Ugggh. Yes to all of the above. shit.

Thanks for all of the kind words of encouragement. Life will now continue as it has for the last several months. Nothing has changed. Well, maybe I can continue with a greater sense of self-worth and self confidence. That has to be a good thing. 4 days, 12 hours until love will abound. Murrrrrrrrrr.
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