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FC '07 Report

OK. I'll keep this brief. This was my 4th FC, and it was just as great as the previous 3. Thursday's memory was an awesome dinner at the Melting Pot with over 30 furs enjoying fondue. Since we collected money ahead of time there was almost no drama. We ended up with $1 to spare with a $1900 bill. Friday's memory was Kitty and me getting new fursuits from taren_. We debuted Freesia the pink panda and Rakki Neko Chan the lucky kitty. This was the first suit I have commissioned from scratch. I will give kudos to Taren for awesome customer service and a darn cute suit! Saturday's memory was a lack of memory. I hadn't realized how wasted I got at thegreenarcher's Frozen Oasis party the night before. Thanks to albear's videography skills I was able to see what a drunken retard I was. Sorry again, brown_wolf. Did I learn my lesson? Nooooooo. I was back at the Frozen Oasis getting toasted again on martinis served up by thipher_84. I wore my pink bunny suit but quickly got overheated. I was also mildly spanked by security for carrying around a giant martini glass filled with gin. I had used the glass as a prop earlier in the day while getting a pic of Nevada as a dashing secret agent bear. Sunday's memory was spending the entire day getting ready for and actually performing in the Furry Night Live/Furry Variety Show. I was supposed to act as yippee right-paw man, but Kitty filled that role nicely. I was a second to the second. All-in-all we pulled off a heck of a show. I think it was entertaining and pleasant for the audience. I'll make a separate post about that in a day or 2 to get your opinions. I performed in a skit with scruff_e_coyote and written by dexter_fox. I also had a tiny role in a skit put together by donkeyears We also had a kick-ass room party that night that lasted until 3. The drive home was uneventful. We made it to Kingman on Monday and home by 3 yesterday. It's about a 15 hour drive more or less.

So another big paw-thumb up from this bear. It was great seeing old friends and making new ones.

Oh, BTW. I really loved the techno giraffe. I walked outside to see this flashing mechanical monstrosity blasting music with fursuiters riding on top. I just smiled, shook my head, and said, "doG! I love this fandom!"

Oh! And have some pics!
New Suits!

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