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Screaming Baby Syndrome

Kitty and I have a joke whenever we fly that there always seems to be at least one screaming baby on each flight. Lately we have been very lucky and trips have been wonderfully quiet. I know I made a post about this after last AC when it seemed that every recent-parent thought it would be great to take their spawn on planes, to hell with the comfort of the other 100+ people on board. The thing about planes, however, is that perhaps people have a very legitimate reason for bringing their children with them. I will concede that. It would just not be practical to travel more than 300-400 miles in a car to visit grandma or auntie, or whomever. There is also the issue of the discomfort caused by changing air pressure and obnoxious audio speakers.

I will say, however, that there is absolutely no good reason to bring a 1-2 year-old to a restaurant. You can't find a sitter? Then you should stay at home! You need to get out of the house? Fine! Mommy goes out and daddy stays home. If you absolutely MUST take junior with you, then when he/she pitches a fit, do NOT just sit at the table and act like nothing is wrong. Take the screaming little brat outside or to the rest room! Nothing irks me more than having a meal interrupted by loud howling that goes on for minutes. We eliminated smoking in restaurants. I would not mind a ban on babies and cell phones.
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