Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

An Entertaining Weekend

It was nice to just relax and almost do nothing the entire weekend. About the only chore I did besides the usual dishes and laundry was measure the backyard for an anticipated major overhaul. I'm going to hire a landscaper to basically tear out the whole thing and start from scratch. I have visions of 2 ponds, a small waterfall, and a fire pit.

On Friday night it was hockey night. We went to see New Mexico take on Colorado. We were only 6 rows from the ice which was a bit too close. I prefer to be higher up to be able to see more of the ice. You could sense that a fight was going to break out because there were some hard hits and bad calls by the refs as well as a lot of missed call. Finally there was a pile up at CO goal and some pushing and shoving ensued. The gloves came off and there was a nice brawl. Oh, and earlier a CO player got either an elbow or stick to the face. The game was stopped as they scraped up the blood on the ice.

On Saturday we watched "Thank You For Smoking" which was an awesome black comedy. I was surprised to see that it wasn't nominated for a best screenplay Oscar. I thought it was extremely funny.

That night we went to see The Capital Steps comedy team. The place was packed! They do wonderful political satire. There were a few moments when I instantly got a joke but most of the audience didn't. Slowly but surely the laughter spread through the crowd as people finally got it. The best joke was a routine when the performer reverses the first letters of words. Thus President Reagan became "Resident Pagan." He then mentioned that Brad Pitt's child was named Shiloh. He left it right there. I cracked up right away but almost no one got it until a minute later.

I already mentioned that we saw "Pan's Labyrinth" on Sunday. I have finally decided that as a movie about the Spanish Civil War it is a good movie. As a fantasy, it falls flat. I will say that Pan was sexy in a weird furry kinda way.

Later that night we watched "The Illusionist." The movie was not great IMHO. The ending "gotcha" moment didn't help matters. While I like more offbeat movies, I just wasn't impressed.
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