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A Big Red Number Day

Oy! Remember my post about doing taxes a few days ago? Well, just as I had mentioned that it was a big math test where a mistake costs $$$ instead of grades, that statement has come true. I was finishing all of my forms this morning, putting all of the numbers nicely in ink, when I noticed a statement that I had missed the first time around. I had entered a number, but the instructions state that that number could not be bigger than another number. Ooops. When I entered the correct number and carried it all the way through my calculations, the nice refund I was expecting completely evaporated. Not only that, but I now owed a bit. Goddamnit! But wait! It gets better! I decided to go ahead and do New Mexico while I was at it. It's a nice simple form. I noticed that they wanted me to include a number from that obscure form I mentioned in the earlier post, the form that dealt with the inheritance from my father. The bastards from New Mexico wanted to get their fair share of that money. When all was said and done they had raped me for over $1000. WTF?!? I'm really pissed at the moment. I'm going to tell my mother that before she dies to have everything in both her's and my sister's and my name. Fuck the gov't for trying to screw me/us out of money that my family put aside for us. The only saving grace to all of this is that I will be able to deduct the amount they are fucking me out of on next year's federal taxes. Through screwed up logic that amount then gets transfered over to the state return, so I might be able to recoup some next year. In the meantime they get to earn interest off of my money. I suppose I shouldn't complain too much. I know a lot of other states that like to screw folks even worse, and without lube!
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