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Chicken Dance

I should be doing the Chicken Dance. Why? Because I have been in a "fowl" mood for the past few days. It's really bugging me because I can't seem to control my anger. Perhaps I have been pelted with gamma rays because all I want to do is "HULK SMASH!" If we were closer to a full moon I would say that it's just my usual moon-phase reaction. We're still a good week and a half until that.

Kitty has been pretty sick since the weekend so she has been very needy. In addition to that I have been doing all of the chores myself. There still are major chores and remodeling to be done around the house which is now seeming a Herculean task. The house also looks like shit with clutter everywhere.

My Norton anti-virus decided to die on my desktop. Trying to get technical support has been like climbing Mt Everest. All of the support staff is in India and I have had it with the dot heads. So far I have gone through 2 emails, 3 chat sessions, and 2 phone calls with no solution to the problem. It gets very frustrating when I'm constantly told, "This will fix your problem!" and it doesn't.

This is also my big "audit" week. I have meetings up in Santa Fe both yesterday and today. These are the meetings where the states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas look at my numbers and determine if they become part of the official records which divide the Rio Grande water between the states. I also have to give a little dog-and-pony on what all happened last year. So far it has gone very smoothly. I remember the bad old days with my butch dyke boss when the tension in the room was thick because everyone hated her and it brought great pleasure to them to point out mistakes we had made. Now it's all smiles and friendly banter.

The meeting went long last night, and I didn't get home until almost 7. I ended up walking Anubis in the dark. That's no big deal since we have done that many times before. Last night was a little different because we were stopped by a rent-a-cop near the construction site where they are tearing up the mesa. I was told it was now private property and I couldn't walk there. I gave him a "whatever" and just kept walking. Fuck them. It's not posted nor fenced. All I need to do is walk through the scrub 5' away and I will no longer be on "their" property. If he hassles me again I'll just tell the fucker to go ahead and call the cops.

And so I am in an angry funk. The effects are wearing off, but it still sucks to be in such a mood with a hair-trigger response. "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."--Dr. Bruce Banner
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