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Feline Better

I think my funk is wearing off. I had a good meeting yesterday where I provided a year-end review to the Basin States. I inadvertently bitch-slapped the state of New Mexico but since they had done similar things to me in the past, I was not all that heartbroken.

There is nothing better for an angry bear than to come home from a meeting and find a bunch of KFC with all the fixins on the kitchen counter. Mmmmmm. A guilty pleasure.

I tried to solve my Norton problem yesterday by installing 2003 since I had the disc. The stupid thing kept looking for an F: drive which I didn't have. I mapped a temp directory as F: and it worked! Now I'll just slowly install updates and see how far I can go before it crashes again. A new problem cropped up with the computer which ticked me off. I was able to receive email but unable to send. WTF? I called Comcast and was told that there was a block on my account because I was labeled a spammer. HUH?!? Hopefully that will get worked out by tonight. It seems that I can now send email via the website but still not through Outlook. I still owe some of you emails.
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