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"Zodiac" -- movie review

Last night Kitty and I took in a special free screening of the movie "Zodiac." The theater was packed! I think this was the most heavily attended sneak preview I have ever been to. We lucked out that even though we were towards the back of the line, we still got good seats.

I think most people came to the theater thinking they were going to see a gruesome movie about a serial killer. The ads made it known that it was from the same director as "Seven" and "Panic Room." The movie should be filled with action or spine-tingling suspense, right? Wrong. What it was was a docu-drama about the actual Zodiac killings in the Bay Area during the late 60's early 70's. I knew that since it started as a historical movie there would be no extreme action or a spell-binding conclusion because the actual killer was never caught. If you want a sensationalized version of the story you need to rent "Dirty Harry."

I just never got into it. The movie was overly long, clocking in at 2:40. The killer himself was not all of that interesting. The movie didn't capture the fear that gripped the area like Spike Lee did in his serial killer movie, "Summer of Sam." The overall plot focused on the police and newspapermen who devoted their lives to figure out who this person was. It became an obsession for a couple of them. I suppose the one interesting facet of the story was how each agency hoarded information and therefore the whole puzzle could never be put together in a timely manner. The strong point of the movie was the re-creation of early 70's San Francisco. The director did a wonderful job recreating the look and the feel. In fact to show the passage of time they re-create the construction of the landmark Transamerica Tower i.e. The Pyramid Building.

Overall I would give it 2 paws out of 4 or 5. If you like cop dramas, you'll like the movie. If you like slasher movies, pass this one by.
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