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More Yote Stories

Yesterday morning Kitty and I decided to go have breakfast at the Hometown Buffet. It was about 8 a.m. when we left the house. We made it about 2 blocks when we noticed a large dog trotting across the street. That's no surprise. People frequently walk their dogs along this arroyo, and this one was probably just off-leash. I noticed, however, that there was no person in sight. It must be a stray. A couple of seconds later another dog crosses the street. Wait a minute! Those aren't dogs! They're coyotes! They're probably the same ones I posted pics of in Saturday's post. We pulled up to the stop sign and the yotes paid us no mind. They just sniffed some bushes no more than 20' from us. Soon they were proceeding up the wash, heading toward the mesa or perhaps in back of our den. We quickly turned around to either let the cat in or the dog out to protect the cat. Skookum was nowhere to be found so we let Anubis out.

I've said it before, those yotes are getting bolder and bolder. I'll let you know if they eventually let me pet them.
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