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Great Moments in Chicago Baseball

I was just sitting here at my desk thinking back to great moments in Chicago baseball from my childhood.  I was primarily a Cubs fan, but I did go to a few White Sox games.  One of the most endearing moments was in 1979 when the White Sox allowed Steve Dahl, one of the local "shock jocks" to host "Disco Demolition Night" between 2 games of a doubleheader.  I was a freshman in high school at the time and had jumped on the "Disco Sucks!" bandwagon.  My father was watching the game on t.v. and so I watched the between-game festivities live.  I remember laughing my ass off as the entire event disintegrated into chaos.  I decided to do a YouTube search and found an interview of Steve Dahl 25 years later.  There might even be  a movie!  Enjoy.

I was also thinking about another great moment that I ended up posting to roflcl  It's the famous meltdown of Cubs manager, Lee Elia, who did a press conference complaining about Chicago Cubs fans.  It's legendary!  Someone made a video with the audio clip in the background.  Enjoy!

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