Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

"300" -- movie review

From the first time I saw the trailer for "300" several months ago I thought A) WOW! This is going to kick much ass! or B) OMG! The trailer looks awesome! The actual movie will probably suck! I am pleased to announce that the correct answer was A).

There was a line at the megaplex as we arrived for the first showing this morning. Most of the people in line were males between 18-30. Almost all were being directed to theater 13 where the movie was being shown. We got great seats since we arrived early, and settled in for a gore-fest that we were anticipating. We were not disappointed.

You can all this movie "Matrix" meets "Gladiator" or "Sin City" meets "Spartacus." Both would be accurate. Many limbs went flying and blood splattered across the screen like the Bride going through the Crazy 88 in "Kill Bill." It was loud. It was violent. It was awesome! I'm not sure whether this movie will go down as "generation defining" like "The Matrix," but the accomplishment in filmaking, where the entire movie was filmed in blue/green screen and/or CGI is a fact not to be trivialized. The movie looked great. You pay your money to be entertained, and you get your money's worth. I have a feeling this film has opened the doors to a new style of film making, for better or worse. Just as "The Matrix" made "bullet-time" a household word, this film will re-define the melding of CGI and real-life actors. Go see it and enjoy the ride.

Still my favorite line:
Persian: "Our arrows will blot out the Sun!"
Spartan: "Then we shall fight in the shade!"
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