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Thinking Spring

Temps are starting to creep up into the upper 60's/lower 70's. I have just started leaving my jacket behind when taking Anubis on his walkies. Kitty and I sat on the patio last night enjoying the setting Sun. The windows are getting opened to let the fresh air in. Ahhhh! It's getting close to Spring!

My thoughts are turning to home improvement projects. I have basically done nothing with the house since having a patio cover installed around 7 years ago. This is the year I will sink $$$$ into Fur Central to get it to be the showcase I want it to be. I am buoyed by the fact that housing values have just about doubled since I moved in almost 8 years ago to the date. It's time to sink a little of that equity back into the homestead which will hopefully push the value even higher. A house came on the market just down the street that is identical to mine. My eyes bugged out when I saw what they were asking for it. Of course they had sunk some pretty good change into it to make it pretty, but still! I figure I will put in a good 5-figures to get the backyard into a thing of beauty. We spent part of Saturday at a xeriscape convention and got the names of a couple of contractors. I spent a good part of the weekend measuring everything out. I would like to get everything started within a month so that I can also plant a garden. If I can bring some of my dreams to fruition, it will be awesome! With a beautiful back yard in the location I am in, I should have no problem recuperating my expenses.

I also have to get started on getting a new front door. It really is an embarrassment. Hopefully that won't be a major job. I figure a grand should cover it easily. The last thing is the kitchen. The cabinets are old and falling apart. It's also incredibly tiny for the size of the house. Friends with apartments have bigger kitchens than what I have. There's not a whole lot we can do, but perhaps we can squeeze more cabinet space and a few dozen square feet out of what we have.

Like making fursuits, I have no time nor patience to do this work myself. I did one major kitchen overhaul at my house in Yuma. I don't wish to go through that again. You learn valuable skills and you save money, but it's hard to put a pricetag on frustration and anger.
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