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Furry Dreams

I get very jealous when I read how many of you have vivid furry dreams. It seems that I have very few interesting dreams that I can remember when I wake up in the morning. 99% of the dreams that I have had that I consider "furry" usually involve walking around a con. These are pretty boring because I am not even fursuiting nor are there any fursuiters walking around. Transformation dreams? Yeah. I wish. Things have been getting much better as of late, however. In the past week I have interacted with were-coyotes and last night had a nice encounter with a big black werewolf. The bastard wouldn't bite me, though. *lol* Lets just say that the encounters would have to be put behind a "NSFW cut." *grins* I hope my subconscious continues to be that active in the future.

And now a bit of furry fun. "Strange Brew" has had a couple of funny furry comics over the last couple of days.
Something for the vorephiles
Something for the "Lion King" fans
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