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Natural History Post

I just wanted to make a little note for myself of the changes I have spotted over the past few days. Yes, Spring is here! I saw the first velvet ant of the season a couple of days ago. I also noticed the first butterfly and the first bombardier beetle within the past few days. We hit a record high temperature of 77 degrees yesterday. Kitty's car thermometer read 81, and the NMDOT sign over the freeway said 91. It must have been nice and warm because I also spotted the first snake of the year. It was a gorgeous garter snake about 3' long, found on the trail leading up to the mesa.

The first landscape contractor came out yesterday to have a look at the yard. They absolutely loved the location and I could tell they were inspired to do some really creative things. Now I'll just have to see how much it would cost me. Time to call a couple more companies to see what they can come up with.

Still want to try your paw at design, gamegoth? Get your tail over!
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