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Post-Weekend Post

I suppose I should post something so I don't lose my status as an LJ slut. It was a nice weekend but I really needed to have some time to just decompress and enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. I only got about an hour of good quality "me time."

We went to see a hockey game on Friday night. The Scorpions kicked much ass. I made it up on to the "jumbotron" a couple of times. A co-worker, who was also at the game, came up to me today and told me he had spotted me. *lol*

We added more fur to our household as well. We adopted thipher_84's cat, Fuzzy. We are starting to call him "Fuzzles." He's extremely affectionate and is slowly discovering the house. Skookum was not amused, and there has been much growling and hissing. Anubis got a little too personal in sniffing the new house member and ended up with a nose full of claw.

I made a decision on Friday that I will no longer be taking Anubis up the mesa for his walkies. He is lagging behind so much that walks are just no longer fun. I don't know if he is in real pain or just being a drama queen. If I walk at my regular pace, he falls behind by several hundred yards. If I slow down and/or wait for him, he slows down even more. He's not limping per se but he sometimes staggers a bit. I have tried cutting back the length of the walk. I have slowed down the pace of the walk. It still seems like a struggle for him. Rather than push him, I have decided to just leave him at home. I need the walk's original length and pace for my own personal health. It sucks growing old.

We spent Saturday hunting down contractors to install a new front door. My original estimate was about half of what the going price is. I could go the cheap route, buy a door at Lowes and have one of their contracted installers put it in, but I want the job done absolutely right. I will pay the extra $$$ to have a guaranteed job. I know from previous experience that installing a door properly is no picnic in terms of getting it level and such. I'll go sign a contract tomorrow.

While hunting for a door we were given 2 free passes to a home improvement show at the Convention Center. I had gone to one in the past and it was lame. This year the show was much better. We talked with a couple more landscape contractors who will come out and give us estimates for the yard. We also started setting up appointments for contractors to come out and give us estimates for our kitchen remodel. I would love to have all of the home improvement stuff done by the end of May. I am sick and tired of worrying about cost. I will be happy to drain my bank account if when all is said and done the house becomes a showcase that I will be extremely happy with. Even if I decided to sell at the low end of the market, I could still easily recoup my investment. It's a frustrating business (and it's only getting started), but once it's done, I will be closer to owning my "dream house."

After the home show I had that little bit of time to decompress. It was then off to Tucano's Brazilian Restaurant, aka "The Meat Fountain," for dinner with ari_foxy and his dad. It was a nice way to wind down the weekend.
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