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"Flight 93"

I was not big on the concept of movies that had to do with 9/11. The event was still very fresh in everyone's mind. We all saw the events unfold live on t.v. Why would we need a movie to remind us?

We had actually screwed up when we decided to add the movie to our Netflix queue. I wanted to see the movie since it was actually nominated for an Academy Award for directing. That movie, however, was "United 93" and not "Flight 93." "Flight 93" was a movie made for A&E Network. Erf. Obviously the subject matter was the same but one was a made-for-tv movie while the other was released to the big screen. I didn't have much faith in the movie since it was also produced with the help of Fox. Oh boy. This will be sensationalist crap. I was very happy to be proved wrong.

While not having the highest production values in the world, it was very well done. I surprised myself in getting emotional with the images of 9/11 being played in the background of the unfolding drama. The acting was pretty good. It was just very strange to see actors portraying real people who you knew died that day in a Pennsylvanian field (well, unless you're a conspiracy theorist and the people were killed by the government after they were taken off in Pittsburgh).

I guess it's no different than the war movies that were made in the late 40's. One of my favorite WWII movies was "Battleground" which came out in 1949 and was nominated for Best Picture. That movie came out only 5 years after the battle that was portrayed.

I know we have "World Trade Center" in our queue somewhere. "United 93" is on there as well, although we moved it down many slots. I wonder when the first Iraq war movie will hit the theaters. I'm surprised there has only been "Three Kings" and "Courage Under Fire" for the first Gulf war.
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