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Another Week Goes By

Whooptie Do! I made it to another Friday.

Not much to report. We had our first thunderstorm of the year. Nothing too spectacular. Just a few lightning flashes and thunder claps at 3 a.m. Go, El Nino!

We went out for sushi last night at a place that had been getting great reviews. OMG! Tasty! Kitty was very happy with the quality of the sushi and all of the staff came out at various points in the evening to try to talk Japanese to her. I think they were thrilled to have one of their peeps come in. I must admit that it was the first time we have been to a sushi place in ABQ where the entire staff was Japanese. The owner also came out to see that everything was good. So for those in ABQ, check out Noda's on Southern in Rio Rancho. YUM!

Fuzzles the cat has been getting braver although he still spends most of the day hiding in the guest bedroom. This weekend is baptism by fire. I will close off the bedroom and force him to interact more with Skookum and Anubis. There will be much hissing and growling, but it's time everyone got use to each other.

The contracting fun continues. I made a deposit on the front door so hopefully the work will start in a week or 2. Another landscaper came out on Thursday and had a look. I really hate it when they say shit like "Oooo! That can get expensive!" but then don't quantify it. Are we talking $100? $500? $1000? If the overall budget is 10,000-15,000, then, no, 500 isn't all that much. I had forgotten that we made an appointment with a contractor to come out and look at the kitchen on Thursday as well. Luckily Kitty was home while I was out on walkies. He seemed very knowledgeable and put us on the right track to get an awesome kitchen space developed. It was kind of a breakthrough and lights went on in both Kitty's and my heads. Another contractor will be out today and a 3rd on Monday. That should give us the 3 estimates we want.

This weekend will be spent just chilling. There's still lots of clutter that needs to get organized. There are also Netflixs to be watched. Oh, and I see NBC has finally gotten a brain and put all the episodes of "Heroes" online. Maybe I'll find out what all of the hoopla is about.
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