Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

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Pet Adjustments

My plan to get the new cat, Fuzzles, accustomed to the household by closing off his safe haven of the guest bedroom has worked quite well. He was forced to be out in the main area of the house and thereby be forced to interact more with Anubis and Skookum. The dynamics of the house are now up in the air. Skookum used to be the queen, but she is starting to be second fiddle to Fuzzles who is bigger than her. Luckily Fuzzles is an extremely mellow cat and could care less if Skooks is growling and hissing. Fuzzles is still quite afraid of Anubis. This is interesting because he came from a household with a very hyper husky. Anubis is a very mellow dog, but he is very interested in the newcomer to the house. This has lead to a few swipes across the nose as well as much growling from Fuzzles. So the quest for dominance continues. At least Fuzzles is walking around the house more and not hiding someplace for hours.
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