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Well, I got my first estimate yesterday on what it would cost to give me a dream yard. It would be a complete rebuild of the front and back yards including building of a new wall to double the size of the back yard, a new garden area, moving of my tool shed to a new location, new lawn in the back, 2 ponds with waterfall, complete irrigation system, and a brick retaining wall as opposed to the railroad tie one I have now. I had been dreading what the estimate would be, and I was correct in doing so. It would be a hell of a lot of work, but I would end up with a dream yard. I'm really torn about this. On the one paw it is a shitload of money, like 20% of what I originally paid for the house. On the other paw, with prices in the neighborhood the way they are and with my ultra-sweet location, I would probably have no problem re-couping the investment when it was time to sell. I guess it all comes down to cash. I had wanted to simply plunk down a chunk of change and be done with it. Maybe I should pursue a home equity loan. *shrugs* Kitty and I saw several places in the estimate where money could be saved. We like the overall design, but like contractors do, they put a lot of high-end products into it. We'll just have to see what the kitchen remodel comes in as well. We have some idea based on the last bidder we had, but we'll have to see how he compares to the other. Fun fun fun!
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