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Play Ball!

Yesterday was the home opener for the Albuquerque Isotopes which Kitty and I attended. We had pretty good seats, about half way between 3rd base and the left field wall, 7 rows up. I had thought about bringing my glove because it's prime foul ball territory. We found that out very graphically as an old man 3 rows directly in front of us got beaned by a pop-up. At first I thought he missed it and it hit the ground in front of him since it made a nice *boing!* sound and bounced about 5 rows back. Nope. It hit him squarely in the noggin. He was ok although the paramedics still checked him out. An awesome fan who caught the rebound gave the ball to him. Overall it was a great game. The Isotopes beat up on Omaha (sorry, Snapp E) and won. Orbit was out and about as usual. You can tell he's a new performer. He was much more animated and athletic compared to the original performer. I had to lol since the original performer gave me all of these tips on how to perform as Orbit, and how to preserve the character. Well, the way I saw it, the new guy has made Orbit into a new character from the get-go. It'll be interesting to see how he evolves over the season.

Oh, and Kitty made it on to the evening news (Channel 7) when she and my co-worker's daughter were stopped coming back from the concession stand with ice cream covered funnel cakes. They were asked if they came to the park for the game or the food. *lol*

Oh, and since I was asked by emmerick  if it was me he saw on a repeat of "The Jimmy Kimmel Show," I thought I would provide the video proof. Yes, here is Sabot along with albear , scruff_e_coyote , dexter_fox , stego_s_aurus , kayotae  and others in our 5 seconds of fame on national television aired 4 years ago this month after the Death of Confurence. My bit got cut to just me squatting in a garbage can. We had worked out a skit where I would pretend to squat in the can and Jimmy's cousin would yell at me that I should be doing that in the woods. Even though I had only been in the fandom about 5 months at the time and was still unsure about the whole "furry thing," I knew that we had to be able to laugh at ourselves. Enjoy.

Here is the link since LJ is being retarded and has taken away the button to embed videos in the rich text format
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