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Weekend Movies

It was another laid-back weekend which was just fine with me. Kitty was feeling really crappy on Saturday, so I ended up playing a lot of Imperialism and watching a few movies. We had Netflixed "Broken Flowers" starring Bill Murray. I'm not sure why this ended up on our list, but it was a very interesting movie. I don't know if I would say that it was a good movie, but it definitely made me think about stuff. I am finding movies about men reaching the midlife crisis more and more interesting. Could it be because I have another birthday approaching that issues of life and death are of greater interest to me? The movie deals with Murray receiving an anonymous letter saying that he fathered a child 20 years ago and that the child will be looking for him. He decides to visit the women he loved 20 years ago to see who could have sent the letter. It's a very intriguing concept. Where was I 20 years ago? I was finishing up my undergraduate studies. I was about to head off to grad school. Where are all of my college buddies? I've lost track of most of them. We all meet, establish friendships and relationships, and then we move on. Kind of a sad concept.

Kitty was feeling better on Sunday so we headed off to see "Grindhouse." It was an entertaining 3 hours, but nowhere as good as "Kill Bill" or "Pulp Fiction." I could see how some folks didn't like "Death Proof" because it was too wordy. Yeah. I can see that. It's classic Tarentino, but it was much more effective in films like "Reservoir Dogs." Besides, the movie was supposed to be a throwback to action films of the 70's. They weren't talkie like that. I also found it very annoying that they put in the faux "bad film" moments mostly during the action scenes, but not for the non-action parts. Either do it consistently or don't do it at all. The "missing reel" bits were very well timed, however, and added humor.

One of my favorite genres of films are large character dramas where several stories carry on separately and are eventually brought together in the end. I'm talking about movies like "Crash," "Babel," "Short Cuts," "Magnolia," etc. Yesterday I introduced Kitty to "Grand Canyon," which was nominated for Best Screenplay back in 1991. It's a very interesting look at the culture in LA during that time period. I hadn't seen the flick in many years. I still like it.

I'll post some pics from my Taos trip soon. I have a big meeting tomorrow that I need to prepare for. Take care, fuzzies!

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