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VT Shootings

My heart goes out to those affected by the shootings this morning at Virginia Tech. This story reminded me of the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Columbine shooting. I first saw the story on LJ and thought nothing of it. The news is full of crazies shooting up offices and such. When LJ started to have more and more posts, I knew something was up. Holy crap. This is horrible. I did an LJ search on Virginia Tech and read the journals of a few people who were in town at the time. I even found a fellow fur and left a comment wishing her the best.

I say this reminded me of Oklahoma City and Columbine because on those 2 occasions I also blew off the news when I first heard it. When I heard a bomb had been detonated at a federal building, I figured there would be a few blown out windows. I knew something big had happened when a fellow employee came back into the office with a glazed look on her face and said it was REALLY bad. I never expected to see half of a building completely gone. With Columbine I heard about a school shooting and figured some kid brought a gun and shot his teacher/enemy/ex-girlfriend. I was crushed to hear that so many young lives were senselessly ended. And now this. What...the...fuck. We don't have enough to worry about with Arab loonies trying to kill us?!? We have our own loonies right here.
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