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Break time!

I am now in a lull at work. I just completed another one of my major duties in presenting our operating plan for 2007 to the public. This year there was a whopping 6 people at the meeting. *facepaws* I suppose that's better than last year when 1 person showed up. I still get a little pissed that my boss feels like she is the only one who can do the "big" meeting here in town. I get relegated to the smaller meetings in other parts of the state. The good news is that I picked up 6 hours of vacation time. Califur here I come! The venue for our meeting in Santa Fe was complete shit. It's an awesome recreation center, but the large meeting room has an entire wall of windows WITH NO CURTAINS/SHADES! Oh yeah. The Powerpoint presentation went over like a lead balloon. I hopefully did a good job presenting the hydrology of the Rio Grande. I know I sometimes start talking in circles because of the complexity of the operations. "Lake A will rise to this level unless lake B has lower water, then we won't store unless condition C happens or at least until condition D is met." If you're a member of the public who has absolutely no idea what goes on in the basin, you will probably be completely lost. At least I got the compliment that I explained things way better than my boss and her counterpart at the Corps of Engineers. So now I will just kick back and watch the snow melt and the streams rise. Things should be relatively calm for about a month before all heck breaks loose when the river starts to dry up.
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