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What Is The Meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything?

If you're any sort of geek (and I know all of you are!), you know that the answer to that question is 42. At least that's what the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy says! So now that I am 42 I should know the answer to all of life's questions. Unfortunately it seems that the older I get, however, there are more and more questions. And most of these questions have no answers. Yeah, I could go on about those nagging questions of death and the hereafter, but then, this is my birthday, damnit! I should be having fun! And I have been over the past few days.

Kitty took me out to our favorite romantic spot on Friday, the Melting Pot. When you're not in a group of 30+ like we were at FC, it can be a very romantic spot, especially if you get a secluded table for 2 in an area known as Lovers Lane. She then tried to surprise me with a surprise party, but I had seen her send out an email a few weeks before and there were a few extra cars in our driveway. The effort was much appreciated, though. There were about 8 furs who showed up including the wonderful scruff_e_coyote who is now back in the Southwest for the Summer and only 5 hours away.

Last night was dinner at Quarters BBQ where we pigged out on great food. I also bought some fine liquid refreshment in their package store next door.

Today we took Scruff to our favorite local Mexican place where Kitty and I go for Sunday breakfast every so often. It's a nice 2 mile walk there and back. Now we're just chillin' on our laptops. I'm pleased to be watching hummingbirds come to my feeder which I put out yesterday. I had heard them buzzing around for the first time this season a few days ago and figured they would be in need of food since there's nothing really blooming except for a few weeds.

Oh, and thanks to all that have wished me a happy b'day on LJ!
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