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Albu-FUR-que V

I'll post this in good old LJ in case there are any not-so-locals that are interesting in coming out to ABQ for a furmeet. Stranger things HAVE happened and we have had out-of-state guests at previous meets.

This year the event will be held on June 16. This will be right between Rocky Mountain Fur Con and Anthrocon.

Right now the plan is just for a cookout on the 16th at Fur Central with lots of games, movies, and of course sitting around and yerfing about anything and everything. If you're coming in from out-of-town or planning on imbibing adult beverages, crash space will be available. If there is enough interest we could plan an outing or guerrilla fursuiting in ABQ or even Santa Fe on the 17th. Possible fursuiting locations would include the Santa Fe or ABQ plazas (lots of touristas with cameras!) or even the Sandia Mountain Tram. That one has a cost associated with it, but it could also possibly include a ride on a ski lift. Great photo ops!

I think last year we had close to 30 furs. That's not much to those in the Midwest of SoCal, but for us in the Land of Entrapment, that's a bunch! Just RSVP if you're interested in coming! Also, if you're coming, a food/beverage contribution would be welcomed. We will provide the hot dogs, hamburgers, and condiments for them.
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