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Democracy Now?

No, this is not another post about my "favorite" radio show on public radio. No, rather this is a post about the governmental system known as democracy. I was thinking about various types of government and it occurred to me, "Who says that this is the best system?" Perhaps the overall concept of democracy is the best system in the world, but democracy as it has become in the United States is just a bastardization of the true concept.

What system has been best for the World? Greeks and Romans didn't have democracies. Persia? Egypt? Nope. England, France, Germany, etc. were all monarchies for hundreds of years. Those systems worked for a long period of time. Communism has some pretty good concepts, but it didn't last as a viable system for even 100 years. China still has it, true, but I have been to Beijing and have seen malls that look like they are right out of LA. "True" communism is a joke.

I guess I was just wondering if we in this country, as well as many countries around the World, can ever realize true democracy again, or is our system too inherently corrupt to ever get back to those ideals of old, that one man and one vote can make a difference. What system of government is truly the best for all of the people all of the time. Socialism sounds pretty good, but like Communism it can lead to dissatisfaction and laziness. What's the point of striving to be the best when you will be brought down to the level of the shmoe that doesn't do anything? True Communism where everyone is equal? Yeah, right. We're all equal, but some are more equal than others.

I just know that I am extremely saddened when I see how big money and big corporations run and rule this country. Perhaps that's where we're heading. A world of global corporations who will make the decisions in the board rooms as opposed to the halls of government. We're heading towards the world as portrayed in sci-fi movies like "Rollerball" (the original) or "Alien" where there is this giant "Corporation" that does what it likes. On the one paw that is a good thing. War is bad for business because thousands of potential customers get killed. On the other paw war is good for business because everything that gets destroyed will need to be rebuilt. That's not even considering the profits that can be made by selling the tools of war.

Ah, the things that float around in my brain. Either that or, "My! The effects that alcohol has had on my brain." ;oP
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