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Califur Bound

Kitty and I leave for Califur tonight. We thought we would put in about 5 hours of driving today to make tomorrow's drive a little more manageable. I like Califur. Since my first con was Confurence back in 2003 and I made a lot of friends in SoCal, this is a great opportunity to just kick back and chill with friends. We're also running con suite again, so it gives me a sense of purpose.

Kitty and I have been having a disagreement in the mornings. Me, I love to sleep with the window wide open and to be gradually awakened by the sounds of nature. To Kitty, the cry of a quail or coo of a mourning dove is highly obnoxious. She was driven nuts the other morning by a quail who cried out every 4-5 seconds for about an hour. To me it was just a little squawk up on the mesa. For her it was a repetitive note that made her climb the walls. I guess she preferred the drone of traffic on the 22 back in Garden Grove.

Finally here is something for anjel_kitty. She wanted folks to send her pics of flowers from their area. I brought my camera on walkies last night and took a few pics of the weeds wildflowers in bloom up on the mesa. Enjoy trying to identify them!

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